CNN: Boehner Pals with Obama

You know how airports have TV monitors for travelers to watch while waiting? I’d just arrived home from a business trip, when the monitor showed CNN covering President Obama’s jobs talk last night. The screen displayed “Lawmakers gather to hear Obama’s speech” (they misspelled “lawbreakers” but that’s another topic) as the self-congratulation society filed in.


Then the camera showed Reid and Boehner at the podium. I can’t remember who the CNN talking head was, but it’s irrelevant because they all chatter the same talking points. This one was: “Boehner has a warm relationship with Obama, but Boehner’s being held hostage by the freshmen Tea Party congressmen.”

Herein lies today’s lesson.

By a “warm relationship,” what the CNN monkeys mean is that Boehner, like Obama and Reid, is a career politician. They’re like a Ménage a Troika, or a real clusterf…riends. As members of the Kabuki Party, they all pretend to represent Democrats or Republicans while fooling voters into thinking they’re doing something for us, rather than their corporate sponsors and other “players.” So they act their highly structured roles to convince us they disagree, when their common goal is to play on voter passivity to return us to feudalism, all while claiming they’re going to save us from “the other guys” as a distraction.


“Boehner’s being held hostage by the freshmen Tea Party congressmen” refers to all of us unenlightened Americans who swept out so many Kabuki Party members in 2010’s historic election. Doing so, we temporarily stymied their feudalist plans. Boehner, being a career politician, is cagy enough to go off-script for now and act like a conservative, at least until American voters succumb enough to the new opiate of the masses­: TV. They expect we’ll eventually go back to sleep, and wake up serfs.

The moral to the story: If you believe a politician, you’re toast.


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