Spare Us the Hugs, Mr. President

Barack Obama claims to like reading about his predecessors in office. Like many politicians, he long ago appropriated JFK’s gestures and more recently has sought to be seen as like FDR.  He also had the gall to compare himself, in yet another of his flights of fantasy, to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A few days later, his mind was on the similarities between his presidency and that of Abraham Lincoln.


And now, the Clinton hugs.

One of Bill Clinton’s additions to the concept of the Presidency was the importance of the Presidential Hug during natural disasters.  This was part of his unique ability to “feel our pain.”  Here’s a blast from the past lest any forget:

And now, channeling the former Feeler-in-Chief, Obama has added to his borrowed repertory of awkward, inauthentic moves the Clinton hug:

I guess this is what you do when you can’t be yourself and your polls are tanking.  The huggee doesn’t look particularly comforted. Or particularly eager to hug back.  That may be because she knows she’s being used as a prop.










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