The Sarah Palin "Will She/Won't She" Tour Begins

On Friday night, hundreds packed The Machine Shed restaurant in Urbandale, Iowa to get a glimpse of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, in advance of her keynote address at the Tea Party of America event in Indianola, IA.


The room was warm, as the September night was rather humid, and it was filled with people from all over the country who have come to Iowa to hear for themselves whether or not Palin will run for President of the United States.  Reports of people from California, Virginia, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Washington State and Florida, with rumors of 10,000 to 20,000 people expected at the big rally.

Palin didn’t speak to the crowd on stage, but spent about an hour talking with people, signing autographs and taking pictures.  Peter Singleton, of the Iowa chapter of Conservatives4Palin, gave his thoughts to why Palin should run, stating clearly that Palin – in his estimation – could win the nomination, and the general election, which received wild applause from the crowd.

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