New Popularity Poll: Federal Government Dead Last - Internet Industry Third Best

A new Gallup poll rates the Favorable-Unfavorable numbers for a whole host of industries.

The federal government comes in absolutely last.  17% positive – 63% negative.


For the mathematically challenged (directed mostly at those in the federal government), that’s a Minus 46%.

Given – amongst their many, many other errors – our titanic and growing national deficits and debt, their fundamental unseriousness about solving the problem and the rigorous athleticism with which these proven incompetents are inserting themselves into every aspect of our lives, this unpopularity is hardly surprising.

As to the latter, we are on the verge of the federal government illegally power grabbing the Internet so as to then impose the patently absurd Network Neutrality.

Oh – and how does the Internet industry do in the poll?  Why, third best.  56% positive – just 16% negative.  For a Plus 40%.

Which leads one to wonder…

Why is the least popular industry in the nation about to in criminal fashion commandeer control of the third most popular industry?

To impose Net Neutrality – which is just about as unpopular as the federal government doing the imposing?

To “fix” an industry – that the American people obviously think doesn’t need fixing?

I for one am at a loss.


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