Breaking News Flash! Successful Christian Supports Rick Perry

A curious worldview is on full display in this Huffington Post piece by Paul Blumenthal – “Religious Millionaire Backed Rick Perry’s Career.”  Dr. James Leininger is a successful Christian businessman who has supported Perry financially.  There was a time in this country when this piece would have never appeared.  If it did, it would receive an odd reception rather than a place in a leading media forum.  Imagine – “Church Goers Support Coolidge,” or, “Seminarian Volunteers Time for Kennedy.”  But apparently there is a part of America that finds the following commentary in the Blumenthal piece noteworthy:


“Since the 1980s he [Leininger] has pushed a mix of religious right fervor and pro-business activism.”  Oh, the horror!

“In 1994, Leininger pumped tens of thousands of dollars into the candidacies of three Christian conservatives seeking seats on the State Board of Education.”  Yikes!

Even worse, “the board members he supported also shared Leininger’s Christian conservative values.”

And – “Leininger has also bankrolled a number of anti-abortion groups, including Texas Right to Life, Heidi Group and the Christian Pro Life Foundation.”  One thing is for sure, they never tried to kill anyone.

Which brings up an important point.  Apparently to Blumenthal, close association with a successful Christian is worth him spending the time to write the piece.  That there might be an audience for this is doubly unfortunate.  Notably, Blumenthal has never written any other guilt-by-association pieces (if such a thing was possible about Dr. Leininger) about William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, or other surprises I will be covering in my forthcoming book Injustice.


Thankfully the hardened heart world view of Paul Blumenthal is a distinct minority in this nation.  The founders made no secret of the importance of virtuous influence on public officials.  That Perry attracts the support of such people, to most Americans, is hardly a liability.


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