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ICYMI: Rick Perry Returns to Texas, Slams Obama's Economic Record

Traffic tends to be down a bit on weekends, especially in the summertime, so you might have missed Rick Perry’s speech on Saturday. Perry was back in Texas briefly, his first stop in his home state since declaring for the presidency, and spoke before friends and supporters in Austin. I’m re-posting for a couple of reasons. One, so folks can see both Gov. Perry and Texas First Lady Anita Perry in action. No teleprompters, no “this is the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country,” no focus-grouped slogans, logos and catch phrases designed to deceive. The one slogan in evidence, “Get America Working Again,” is less a slogan than a promise of what a President Perry would do. Both Perrys speak from the heart. And Gov. Perry takes several quality shots at the Obama record. He also lays out his guiding principles that have kept him on track as governor and which he would take to the White House. They are: Don’t spend all the money. Keep regulations fair and predictable. Keep taxes as low as possible. And then get the government out of the way. None of these are slogans Perry came up with just to contrast himself with President Obama, though they clearly do that. Obama can’t credibly claim to agree with any of them. Perry has been speaking on these same principles for at least two years, since the very first time I saw him speak in person in the spring of 2009.

The Perrys returned to the campaign trail today. The latest Gallup poll suggests that Perry, Romney, Bachmann and Ron Paul could all take Obama’s job away from him next year.