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Egypt's Pathetic Israel Fixation

Like four-year olds having a non-stop temper tantrum, Egyptians riot in front of the Israeli embassy over Israelis accidentaly killing a few of their soldiers in the melee after terrorists murdered eight Israeli citizens and wounded many others. Israel expressed regret, but the demonstrations continue. Who knows where they will end?


The New York Reactionary Times predictably analyzes this as Israel’s fault: “By removing Mr. Mubarak’s authoritarian but dependably loyal government, the revolution has stripped away a bulwark of Israel’s position in the region, unleashing the Egyptian public’s pent-up anger at Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians at a time when a transitional government is scrambling to maintain its own legitimacy in the streets.”

Nonsense. If the Palestinians didn’t exist, the reaction would be exactly the same. It is pathological Jew-hatred coupled with envy and shame. Egyptians cannot get over the fact that they badly lost a war to Israel and, perhaps more importantly, have a failed state (to put it mildly) next to a modern, democratic Israel.

Egypt’s Israel fixation is destroying Egypt even more than it is hurting Israel. Like a family member always blaming the other for his or her failures, Egypt is headed for implosion. Every second wasted on Israel is a second wasted on improving its conditions. The “Arab Spring” is a joke.

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