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Sarah Palin Video: 'Iowa Passion'

Is Sarah Palin running for president? This video strongly hints in the affirmative.

Palin will be in Iowa September 3 for a Tea Party event that has grown in interest so much over the past day or so that event organizers say they have had to switch to a larger venue. The video above sets Palin up as the transcendent kind of figure presidents tend to want to be, while it also lays down her vision and its stark differences with Obama’s. Palin has also set a self-imposed, albeit soft, deadline to run — around Labor Day. Which is the weekend of the Iowa event.

There’s a lot of 2 and 2 to add up in all that.

My own preference would be that Palin not run, not because I’m not a fan. I am; she’s one of my favorite people in public life. I’d have preferred to flip the 2008 ticket and have her be elected president in 2008. But her current position outside the party fray but in the media spotlight makes her a perfect lightning rod to draw some criticism away from those who are running to replace Obama. She’s serving the country quite well in this role and there’s no reason to think she will become less effective as the election gets nearer. And the electability question can’t be ignored, as unfair as the abuse that has been hurled at her has been.

If she runs, though, it’s obviously a game-changer. The GOP field would have three governors or former governors at or near the top tier in the polls, which would make for a very strong and experienced field.

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