Video: Mom Goads Kid to Ask Perry About Evolution

This is what the campaign will be like: Liberal parents goading their own children to pester a governor not about policy, his record or that of his opponent, but about gotcha crap that Mom’s Democrat masters can use against said governor. Petty and purile, but Perry handled it well and, as Ed Morrissey notes, works in a little dig at Mom for the spectacle of hiding behind her own kids and lying the whole time.


The push from Mom to ask “Why doesn’t he believe in science?” is just…an example of wonderful motherhood isn’t it? Right up there with the opening lie, in which she says the kid has a question for the gov. The kid obviously has no question of his own, probably couldn’t care less and would rather be home blasting away on his PS3. But he may ask Mom why she lied and roped him into her lie, when they get back home.

Her answer: Because we’re liberals and it’s all for the cause!

And I wonder…do the dopes chanting “Hands Off Our Medicare!” in the background realize that ObamaCare already cut Medicare?



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