Open Letter to President Obama

This arrived in my email today, I know who wrote it, they call themselves “The Evil One,” but they’ve asked to remain anonymous for professional reasons, so I present this rant on their behalf.


From “We, the People of the United States of America”
President Obama,

We, the people of the United States of America, have come to the conclusion that there are a number of things you need to know. As we doubt your sycoph… sorry, advisers will say this, the task falls to us, “we, the people”, or at least that portion of us who have both the ability and the desire to think for ourselves.

We, Mr President, have been left no option but to conclude that you are sorely bereft of clue, and we wish to apply a few, in the faint hope that one or two might stick rather than sliding off that Teflon suit you maintain.

To begin with, Mr President, we don’t hate you because you’re black. Many of us don’t hate you at all: those who do would hate you if you were Sarah Palin’s brother.

Some of us even pity you. Instead of learning early that actions have consequences, well meaning people went easy on you, protecting you from the consequences of your actions until recently – and learning this when you’re fifty years old and president of the most powerful nation in the world is not a good thing.

Those of us who voted for you did so because they were sick of the massive Bush deficits (which you exceeded within months of taking office), the secrecy (which you have increased), the mega-bills larded with earmarks (which you have also increased). Remember those, Mr Pres? You campaigned against them and promised to stop them. We didn’t expect you to actually do that, but we did expect a gesture in that direction.


The rest of us hoped we were wrong about you, hoped that you would rise to the demands of the presidency. Instead we watched as you dragged the presidency down to the level of bickering toddlers. “Because I won”, Mr President. Those are the words of a three year old.

Here are some of the most important things we think you need to know:

It is not all about you.

It is not all about your race.

No economy ever ran without people making things other people wanted and needed. The USA needs to go back to making things or it will collapse.

No-one and nothing can spend more than they earn forever. Sooner or later people stop wanting to lend you money.

Never give the keys to anyone unless you trust them absolutely. You have given the keys to this nation to – among others – Saudi Arabia (our avowed enemies), and China (at best a rival). None of the recipients are worthy of absolute trust.

It is not wrong or shameful to place the well-being of your nation above the well-being of any other nation.

The US is not responsible for the evils other nations have chosen to inflict on their part of the world. This nation may well have made mistakes in our foreign policy and international relationships, but we are not and can not be responsible for the simple fact that a culture with no concept of individual autonomy is incapable of a meaningful relationship with a Western culture. The Western nations built their mental framework over several hundred painful and strife-filled years: many other cultures have mental frameworks that are simply not compatible with ours.


The above is no-one’s fault. It is tragic and often horrific, but no-one is to blame. Scientists are only jsut beginning to understand how culture affects mental frameworks. We can’t expect our ancestors to have magically intuited these things.

Welfare and affirmative action are traps. They tell the recipients that they are getting special treatment because they can’t compete on equal terms. After a while, the recipients come to believe they really are inadequate and that they genuinely need what should be a temporary safety net for all but the truly unfortunate few.

There is no such thing as “fair”. Children of ten complain that certain things aren’t “fair”, but the truth is that life isn’t fair and there is no way it can be made fair. If you take away all the artificial impediments, some people will work hard, using everything they can to build a fortune. Others will not want to work so hard: they won’t do as well. Some will be plain unlucky – they’ll work, but circumstances will defeat them. Still others will be fortune’s favored, and every chance will fall their way. And some won’t have the ability to succeed no matter how hard they try.

To take the wealth of the successful and give it to the less successful in order to make the outcomes “fairer” is viciously unfair to those who have worked for their success, and worse, it sends the message that it is better not to try, because that way you can’t fail, and you’ll get rewarded anyway. Too much of that, and no-one will do anything at all.
We understand that these points run counter to your whole life experience, Mr President. You have the singular misfortune of having lived in a bubble where results were totally disconnected from actions and have compounded this by surrounding yourself with others who suffer the same problem.


We challenge you to consider our points and prove that you are a worthy leader, not merely a weathervane forever pointing at perceived public opinion.

We know that you can’t perform miracles. We know the economy here and elsewhere is so bad that no matter what you do it will cause immense suffering, and most of that suffering will, as it always does, fall on those least able to bear it.

We understand these are difficult times requiring difficult choices.

All we require of you, Mr President, is that you be a man instead of a spoiled child, and face the problems squarely instead of blaming everyone and everything else for your perceived misfortune.

We will be watching.


We, the People of the United States of America.


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