Obama: The Leadership Void

Remember 2008? If you criticized Obama’s lack of executive leadership experience you were called a racist, a bigot, and a rube. The lefties just couldn’t accept an assessment that found Obama wanting in any shape, form, or fashion. Tsk. Today Maureen Dowd noticed that Obama had “failed to fill the leadership void” in Washington. In three years perhaps Dowd will notice that Obama is a leadership void. Now Dowd argues Republicans are playing President Obama for a dupe. Uh, Ms. Dowd…who voted for him?


Obama is a leader of a type, but not a strategic leader. Guess what. That’s one reason Candidate Obama was unfit for the job. The President of the United States is a strategic leader…or he should be…or she should be.

The US military devotes a lot of time to developing strategic leaders –the officers who command very large organizations, like CENTCOM. Their job is to lead leaders. A president leads other national leaders, or at least he should, especially in a crisis. Does Obama do that well? No. Does he do it at all? At one time he could send tingles up Chris Matthews’ leg and dazzle the dazed at the Daily Kos –but we’re talking about leading leaders, not spinning sycophants.

I’ve additional thoughts on developing strategic leaders and exercising strategic leadership over at strategypage.com.  Someone send Ms. Dowd the link.





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