Issa Seeks NLRB Docs on Boeing Case

Rep. Darrel Issa is subpoenaing the National Labor Relations Board’s documents regarding its case against Boeing, which has put 11,000 jobs in South Carolina on hold.


“NLRB’s action in the case against Boeing has the potential to create a job-killing precedent just as U.S. manufacturers are working toward economic recovery. That a Washington, D.C.-based bureaucracy could dictate the work location and parameters for a world-leading company is unprecedented in a global economy and hobbles a leading American job creator at a time of economic vulnerability,” Issa said in a statement. “As this matter could take years to resolve and create even more crippling uncertainty for job creators, it is imperative that Congress get complete facts about NLRB’s rationale and its decisionmaking process in this matter without further delay.”

At issue is the labor board’s complaint against Boeing for allegedly retaliating against union workers. The company moved a second production line for its new Dreamliner jet away from its unionized operations in the state of Washington to South Carolina — a right-to-work state that tends to prohibit against union membership — when Boeing executives expressed worry about union-led work stoppages leading to slower production of the jet.


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