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Justice Department Misleads Grand Jury

The Justice Department has been forced to drop criminal charges during a Hawaii trial because Susan French, an attorney in the Criminal Section of the infamous Civil Rights Division, misled a grand jury about the law.  The case was against two Hawaii farmers accused of human trafficking.  The DOJ accused them of “economically entrapping the workers on the farm, housing them in dirty metal containers, threatening to deport them and making them work for little pay. . . . Prosecutors abandoned the case because it couldn’t meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”  In a courtroom in Hawaii, things spiraled out of control:

Prosecutors suffered a severe setback when lead prosecutor Susan French conceded she inaccurately stated to a grand jury that workers couldn’t be charged recruiting fees when the laborers traveled to Hawaii in 2004. The law was changed in 2009 to prohibit recruiting fees.

French, a Washington, D.C.-based trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, stepped down from the prosecution team shortly afterward because of unspecified health issues.

Bienert [defense lawyer] said the Sous were wrongly accused.

“I definitely will be asking for the Department of Justice to do a review of this case, and how they screwed this case up so badly,” Bienert said.

Mark Kappelhoff is the chief of the criminal section that brought the case.  He has been previously profiled at Pajamas Media for using his office to attack Republicans by twisting the law.  Former Voting Section Chief Christopher Coates testified that Kappelhoff had complained about enforcing civil rights laws in a race neutral fashion because it angered left wing civil rights groups like the NAACP.  French had been pulled from another criminal prosecution because of her questionable behavior, a case against Kil Soo Lee.  Apparently her past behavior was of no import to Kappelhoff.   

On Monday, Pajamas Media will have an exclusive expose on the partisan and ideological backgrounds of DOJ lawyers hired in an unprecedented hiring spree since Obama’s inauguration.  The malfeasance of DOJ lawyer Susan French, and the dismissal of charges in Hawaii make it obvious why it matters so much.

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