Obama Speaks, Tries to Cool Markets by Spreading More Fear

President Obama took to the airwaves once again today, this time to make a pre-preemptive strike against any Republican plan.  Focusing on the false promise of compromise, Obama pushed for plans by both Sens. Reid (D-NV) and McConnell (R-KY) with non-specified modifications.  Both of these plans, however, have been rejected by multiple members of the Senate, and the House.


This continued talk of an enforcement mechanism, also known as the “trigger” or the Super Committee, has simply baffled everyone.  Why should we trust Congress to make cuts down the road when they can’t make them now?

And yet, he continues to push the false meme that Social Security checks won’t go out.  Also, he pushes the fear of a lower credit rating, stating that we wouldn’t have a triple A political system to go with our deserved triple A credit rating.  This is Obama fear mongering.

It seems that all of this is in an attempt to ease the markets, which has been in flux around the world. Gold is at record highs and stock market indices are falling everywhere.

Obama then mentions that all the American people should keep up the pressure on House and Senate members.  Call, email or “tweet” them, he says.  While claiming that he wants a deal on his desk that he can sign, he simultaneously goes from Commander-in-Chief to Beggar-in-Chief; begging the American people to push forth the idea of compromise, when Obama has not put out a plan to create a compromise with!


It is obvious that Obama isn’t interested in doing the work of being President.  He stated that it’s time to put aside partisan politics, and walked off without answering a question.

Will this “leader” do what he says?  Will he compromise?  What will it look like?  He gave a press conference to try and cool the markets.  He did not succeed.


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