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Obama: Let's Leave Politics at the Door. DCCC: Let's Raise Money Off the Debt Crisis!

Jammie Wearing Fool intercepts a Democrat fundraising email that gives the game away: The Democrats are happy to keep stoking the debt crisis and use it to raise campaign cash.


President Obama is right: We cannot allow Republicans’ political game-playing to jeopardize the full faith and credit of America’s economy.

Today, Speaker Boehner was caught groveling to Rush Limbaugh in private, asking for permission to try his latest political scheme before even telling his own Republican caucus about it.

The fact is, right-wing special interests, radio hosts, and Tea Party extremists have taken over the Republican Party. And these radical Republicans are just days away from plunging our economy off a cliff in order to slash Social Security and Medicare while protecting tax breaks for billionaires and big oil.

Blabbity blabbity blah. The biggest obstacle to a deal is the president himself. But as far as I know, the GOP isn’t cynically raising money off the debt crisis.

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