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Video: Genius President Says FDR was 'Pretty Fiscally Conservative'

The question you might have after watching this is, is Barack Obama completely ignorant or a pathological liar? You make the call.

That’s not even close to true. During his time in office, Franklin Delano Roosevelt doubled spending, tripled taxes, created several massive and permanent government programs and entitlements, and even tried to pack the Supreme Court when it ruled against him. There was nothing remotely fiscally conservative about FDR at all. Obama himself has even noted that FDR was even dubbed a “socialist” in his day, because of his massive empowerment and expansion of government and spending. Given that fact, I’d have to go with “pathological liar.”

I mean, our brilliant president can’t be plain ignorant, right?

Question: Will the media call Obama out for this obvious lie?

(h/t Hot Air)