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Climate Change Due to Methane, Not Carbon Dioxide?

Danish researchers have found evidence of a massive “earth burp” that “pumped over 12,000 gigatons of methane into the atmosphere during the final years of the Triassic.” This coincided much closer to mass extinctions than volcanic activity which produced carbon dioxide.

“The original [Triassic extinction] theory blamed the extinction and atmospheric change on carbon released during a period of intense volcanism…”

Carbon dioxide did play a part, as a “small release” initiated warming, but the methane release “led to an increase in atmospheric temperature around the globe – and organisms and ecosystems were simply unable adapt to their hotter environment.”

Researchers note that planetary conditions were very different then and “are hardly comparable to the modern world.”

“We have to remember that the world in the past was a very different. All the continents were still together, there were no glaciers. Ocean currents were probably very different.”

At the very least, this new research throws more suspicion on current manmade global warming theories, making caution more reasonable when considering policy changes.