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I'm not scared of Apple; I'm scared of Obama

I know my estimable colleague Bryan Preston has privacy concerns about Apple. Maybe it’s because I live too boring a life, but that doesn’t really bother me and somehow I don’t think it will ever affect a significant number of people in a real way. To me, Apple is the great American success story – maybe the only one these days – and something to emulate. Everyone who loves capitalism should appreciate this incredible company. After having announced record-breaking profits yesterday (with its stock going through the roof), today it is announcing a flurry of new products – the Lion operating system, revamped MacBook Airs and MacBook Minis with Thunderbolt, a new 27-inch LED with Thunderbolt, full-screen iTunes, etc., etc.

Am I a fanboy? Sure. But I’m a fanboy for innovation. I love it. Apple products are fun to use and the company is fun to watch.