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Spectator Hurls White Substance on Rupert Murdoch During Phone Hack Hearings (Update: Suspect Identified?)

It just happened a few minutes ago. Fox broke away to its British partner, Sky News, to get more local detail. The hearing was about to wrap up, both James and Rupert Murdoch having testified, when someone from the audience appeared to lunge at Murdoch and hit him with a pie or something like that. Judging from the footage Sky is showing, police caught the man, who is wearing a checkered flannel type shirt and is now also wearing a good bit of whatever it was he threw on Murdoch.

What is it with protesters from the left (given the target, the assailant being a leftist isn’t a stretch at all) and pie-ing people they disagree with? Can one of our resident comment critics from the left step up and explain this? And no “But rightwingnuts are worse!” defenses. That doesn’t address this question, it’s just a flimsy attempt at deflection. What is up with leftists pie-ing people they disagree with? Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol, David Horowitz and others have all gotten this juvenile treatment in the past. It’s clearly a pattern of protest, and one that strikes me as dumb and bordering on assault. What’s the point?

Update: MRCTV has video of the attack.

And in comments on another post, a commenter says the assailant has been identified as comedian Jonnie Marbles. I just did a quick Google image search and he does look like the man the police had detained.

On his twitter feed, here’s what looks like a confession:

JonnieMarbles Jonnie Marbles

It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat

Charge him with assault.
Update: Marbles is getting ripped in his own twitter feed for making Murdoch a “martyr.” Heh. Some not safe for work language in the blowback he’s getting.