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Janice Hahn's last-minute sleazeball maneuvers

Janice Hahn, the Democratic candidate running against Craig Huey in today’s special congressional election in Los Angeles, continued her unbroken string of sleazy campaign tricks, all the way up to the moment the polls opened.

Within the last 36 hours she and her staff…

• Falsely claimed a political endorsement from a local hero;
• Then lied about it when confronted with the truth that he didn’t endorse her;
• And then posted a stalker video of one of her “trackers” (Democratic agents who follow opponents around night and day, video cameras in hand) tailing Craig Huey in a parking lot as a process server tries to hand him some documents about a bogus back payment he supposedly owed.

Let’s start with the fraudulent endorsement claim and subsequent bald-faced lying:

Over the weekend, a controversy brewed over a mailer sent by Hahn, a Los Angeles city councilwoman, featuring Torrance Olympian and World War II prisoner of war Louis Zamperini.

There was a problem, though.

Zamperini, who now lives in the Hollywood Hills, does not get involved in political campaigns, nor does he endorse candidates.

The piece shows photographs of Zamperini as a young man and a recent picture of the “Torrance Tornado” – a sobriquet given to him for his fleet feet on the track – wearing his U.S. Army Air Corps uniform.

Zamperini’s family accused Hahn of “unlawfully” using his name and likeness, and the Huey campaign jumped on board.

“I think it’s just indicative of the type of stuff she puts out,” said Jimmy Camp, Huey’s campaign manager.

Dave Jacobson, Hahn’s campaign manager, said the mailer was approved by Zamperini’s son, Luke.

Luke Zamperini said he did not sanction the mailer.

“I couldn’t,” he said Monday. “I don’t represent my dad.”

“There isn’t a quote or endorsement,” Jacobson said. “It’s more of a description of his respect for the Hahn family. No endorsement is stated or implied.”

Zamperini has gained renewed fame with the publication late last year of “Unbroken,” a national best seller about his life written by Laura Hillenbrand.

Next up is the stalker video showing one of Hahn’s agents unashamedly tailing Craig Huey and his wife in order to capture on film his getting “served” for a purported unpaid $6,000 debt:

How in the world Janice Hahn thinks posting stalker videos reflects well on her, I’ll never know.

Needless to say, the legal papers being served are about a totally trumped-up old trivial dispute that just “coincidentally” came to a head two days before a major election. From the article linked above:

On Sunday, Huey – who has loaned about $800,000 of his own money to his campaign – was served with legal papers for failure to pay $6,322.50 in child support five years ago for one of his five children with his ex-wife, Angela Huey Combs. They divorced in 1991.

The Brentwood-based attorney representing Huey Combs, James R. Thompson, said his client is seeking the money, plus interest, and will drop the matter if Huey pays.

Asked about the conspicuous timing, Thompson said there is an Aug. 8 hearing, and Huey must be served at least 16 court days in advance.

“He’s not easy to find,” Thompson said. “It took us a couple of tries to get him.”

The Huey camp said the six-month period in question is when his youngest child lived with him after graduating from high school.

We fully expected something like this because it is typical of the dirty campaigns Janice Hahn is known for,” said Huey consultant Dave Gilliard.

Want to allow someone like Janice Hahn to spend the next 20 years in Congress? Then stay at home and don’t vote. But if you live in CA-36 and want fiscal sanity and personal integrity in Washington, drag five friends with you to the polls and vote today for Huey!

Also see Ace of Spades’ post about the importance of voting today, and Bryan Preston’s post about Huey’s very effective final advertisement.

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