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IRS wants to have a word with the man who caught Derek Jeter's 3000th hit

Man is lucky enough to grab a historic home run ball, and does the right thing by giving it back to Jeter. So leave it to the Obama administration to come down on him like 16 tons of government stupid.

Christian Lopez, 23, recovered the prized ball his father fumbled after The Captain hammered it into their section of the stands in the third inning of the Yankees’ win over Tampa Bay on Saturday.

The Verizon salesman from Highland Mills, N.Y., gave the ball back to Jeter, whom he called an “icon,” and the Yankees lavished a slew of prizes, including luxury box seats for every remaining home game this season and post-season and some signed memorabilia.

Now the IRS wants a piece. The prizes Lopez received are estimated to be worth more than $32,000 — and, like game show contestants, Lopez may have to pay taxes on the gifts and prizes because the IRS considers them income.

Some estimate the IRS will put Lopez on the hook for anywhere between $5,000 and $13,000, reports the Daily News.

Ever the nice guy, Lopez says he’ll pay and says he isn’t even angry at the IRS. But as Biden might say, c’mon man, let’s get real. That old Beatles song gets a little more true every day.

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