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A crisis worth worrying about: Bacon prices are about to skyrocket

It’s because of our stupid energy policy. Seriously — we’re making ethanol out of corn, which drives up the price of corn, and everything that eats corn gets more expensive too. Pigs eat corn. People like Mitt Romney support ethanol subsidies. So under his policy of supporting ethanol subsidies, your bacon prices will necessarily skyrocket. It’s just math.

The global debt crisis has sparked riots in Greece and elsewhere in Europe, but while you were watching the mayhem on TV, you might not have noticed that there’s a riot brewing at your kitchen table.

Bacon prices are expected to soar this summer — just in time for peak BLT (bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich) season. …

But this year, just as the U.S. is worrying about its own debt crisis and a possible “double-dip” recession, the price of bacon —that sizzling, smoky comfort food we most need during tough times — is expected to surge. The price of pork bellies, which is where bacon comes from, jumped to more than $130 per hundredweight (100 pounds), and some analysts suggest it’s going to top last August’s level of $150.

Six bucks a pound. That’s what we’re looking at. Ralph Nader may get his riots after all, unless we drill here, drill now, and wean ourselves off demon ethanol.

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