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Should women be cops? (Take 2)

A few days ago, I asked: Should women be cops? During the day, we had a sometimes funny, generally reasoned discussion. In the evening, the Silly Brigade showed up with their unsubstantiated theories.

One of the best recommendations was from “Ginger,” that physical fitness standards be equal regardless of gender and continuing while employed, like fire departments.

“JM Hanes” claimed: “Studies suggest that they are better at multi-tasking, less susceptible to on-the-job corruption, and more likely to defuse potentially life threatening situations without violence, because they don’t automatically default to force.” (JM cited no “studies.”)

Yes, women like Janice Hahn, who helped get convicted felons hired for “gang intervention programs” while she was on the LA City Council. Some were reconvicted after using their new position to commit more crime.

Anyway, let me enter Exhibit B. KHOU has video of Trent De’Ray Archie breaking out of Walker County (Texas) jail.

Two different camera angles show two small women and one man in the booking area when Archie and friend attack. Archie takes the male deputy to the floor, makes his escape, and leaves the deputy to subdue the other inmate. One woman spends most of the altercation on the phone. The other female appears to be using her alleged peacemaking to sooth the savage beasts, to no effect.

Finally, the male deputy subdues Number Two, and you see a female following after them as they finish their dance, handcuffs dangling from her hands as she pretends to help.

Archie was at large for three days because of two women in the wrong job.

That’s the real world, and another reason why it’s fair to ask: Should women be cops?

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