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Now that we're done with the shuttle program, let's reform NASA

Over at another place I blog at, I threw up a post with a few thoughts on how to reform NASA. It’s under my Nom-de-Blog DaToolGuy (I used to run a tool business, before $4 a gallon gas prices killed me, don’t ask.)

It’s my contention that NASA as we know it is the problem with space exploration, not the solution.

With the demise of the shuttle program it would seem to be a good time to take a closer look at NASA and space exploration in general.
For the next several years we’re beholden to the Sov.. er Russians for manned access to space. This is untenable, but because of political games played again and again by Congress it is the situation as it exists.
Politicians from both sides tend to bash NASA and talk about billions poured down the “rathole of space.”
They of course ignore all the spin offs from space technology from Velcro to microwave ovens and thousands of others most of us don’t even realize were pioneered by the space program.
However, it’s not hard to join in the bashing when you realize NASA’s record the last few yea… er, decades, hasn’t been exactly one of shining success.

Check out the rest of it here.

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