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Sarah Palin email shock: The world learns what kind of attorney general she sought for Alaska

I hesitate to even publish this, knowing that many will have their illusions regarding Sarah America shattered. But here goes. Let the chips fall where they may.

Palin detailed what she was looking for in an attorney general: “I will be appointing an independent, ‘new’ AG who does not have any baggage on any sides of any of the relevant issues facing the legislature. All I have been looking for is a good legal mind, someone totally committed to ethical government, a less-political, unpretentious long-time Alaskan who is free from the influence of any of the ‘more of the same’ circles running in Juneau.”

There you have it, more evidence that we sure dodged a bullet with the Obama/Biden ticket, which gave us the baggage-free and not at all rigidly ideological AG Eric Holder.

As for Palin, will she stop at nothing to…appoint reasonable, qualified people to positions of trust and power?

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