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Oops: Janice Hahn gets double slammed on her 'gang intervention' debacle

So the story goes like this: There’s a special House election next Tuesday in CA-36. Janice Hahn, the Democrat, tried to kill a negative story about herself on the local Fox affiliate, concerning her ridiculous and wasteful “gang intervention program,” which more or less put gang members on the city payroll when she was a Los Angeles city council member. Fox 11 investigated the program and found that it was one massive debacle. Hahn fired off a cease and desist to get Fox’s story killed. That backfired as you’ll see in the video below, in which Fox 11 spends 8 full minutes of its newscast going over all the story’s details. Do yourself a favor and watch the story to get a very detailed look at just how wonderful Hahn’s gang program really was. The comparison between Hahn and Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu is particularly entertaining. But the bottom line is that Hahn wasted public money on a project centered on unrepentant gangbangers. One of the gangsters sucked up over $1 million being an “intervention” type, but is in jail now for selling illegal machine guns. Nice work, Janice! Way to turn ’em around!

Republican Craig Huey is her opponent. This Fox story probably is a game changer — it puts Janice Hahn’s biggest collection of liabilities front and center just days before the special election. If the Republican wins, that’s a GOP pick-up, since this is the seat that Democrat Jane Harman abandoned in favor of a think tank paycheck just a few weeks after getting re-elected to the seat back in November.

(also reporting: Ace. And hats off to Film Ladd for pushing the gang intervention issue in his inimitable way.)