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Russia mandates health warning on abortion ads

Yes, you read that ironic headline correctly. The Russian population is in dramatic decline, as nearly half of all pregnancies in the country end in an abortion.

Russian lawmakers, worried about a falling birth rate, passed a law on Friday that abortion advertisements must carry a health warning.

Russia has one of the world’s highest abortion rates and cutting this could help it stem a demographic disaster that is looming as its population shrinks.

Under the new law approved by the lower house of parliament, 10 percent of the space used in abortion ads must carry a list of possible negative consequences for women, including infertility, RIA news agency reported.

If trends continue, Russia’s population will fall from around 143 million to 116 million by 2050. One sensible solution is to reduce the number of abortions. The UN, however, has different ideas.

The United Nations predicts that by 2050 Russia’s population will have dropped by almost a fifth from today to 116 million. It has said overcoming racism and taking in more migrants could help Russia boost its population.

The first and, come to think of it the second too, seem to be the UN’s answers to just about everything. But where will those “migrants” come from?

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