Workforce Fairness Institute challenges NLRB's snap election rule change

The Workforce Fairness Institute is taking on the National Labor Relations Board’s decision to allow snap union elections. The WFI has sent a letter to the NLRB criticizing the board’s June ruling in favor of snap elections, because the board failed to allow enough time for public comment and input on the matter. Here is the WFI extenstion letter.


The NLRB’s decision violates the letter of President Obama’s Executive Order 13563, which requires that government agencies “before issuing a notice of proposed rulemaking, each agency, where feasible and appropriate, shall seek the views of those likely to be affected.” The NLRB’s sweeping decision potentially impacts all industries. The WFI letter notes that the NLRB failed to give notice, and then offered only an unrealistic comment period.

The WFI letter proposes a more realistic comment schedule, which would allow for the type of public comment that President Obama promised in Executive Order 13563.


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