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Should women be cops?

The Washington Examiner wrote about a new mom on the DC police force with a creative way to avoid street patrol. Because she’s nursing, her breasts are swollen and sore. So it’s painful to wear her tactical vest. She requested desk duty until she’s done nursing. Management decided she’s fit for duty, giving her two options: street patrol or unpaid leave of absence.

Congratulations, ma’am on your newborn. However, this story brings up an ongoing concern.

I’ve met exactly one female cop who commanded my physical respect, and I’m a law-abiding type. What about two-legged predators who have no respect for cops in general?

Do women have the physical skills necessary to deal with what happens on the street?

It’s established physiological fact that women “possess about two thirds of the strength of men.” Men have greater muscle mass and body weight. It has to do with the XY chromosome pairing, not feminist politics.

Further, does this lack of strength make female cops more insecure and more likely to draw their service pistol?

And why, knowing the type of job they’re in, are so many female cops obese and obviously lacking in physical capacity? Does this mean they only take their pay and benefits seriously?

What about public safety? Will a prisoner overpower a female officer more easily? A Mississippi man charged with armed robbery overpowered a female cop and stole her gun belt. A Texas inmate overpowered a sheriff’s deputy and murdered her during his escape.

Finally, if there’s a male-female pair in the cruiser, the male must take more of the effort in any physical confrontation. Will this lead to more job-related injuries?

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