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The Shame of LA

If you’re looking for signs of the decline of California – and bankruptcy, swarming illegals and one feckless governor after another don’t do it for you – look no further than our loss of the mighty John Nolte, who packed up his beloved wife Julie and left Los Angeles yesterday to go home to North Carolina.  Nolte, who will remain the editor of Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, is not only a voice for righteousness in the entertainment industry, striking out fearlessly against the left-wing blacklist.  He’s a righteous dude altogether.  In fact, a lot of the power of Big Hol comes from the fact that when Nolte slams you, you’ve been slammed by a man of open-hearted kindness, patience and decency.  Which has got to hurt.  And he slammed LA big time on the way out, saying in his goodbye post:

There is very little… my wife and I will miss about the city itself. We learned pretty quickly that all the cliches are true about the crime, traffic, smog, tremors, and artificiality of it all. Simply put, this city is a dump with a 10% sales tax where light bulbs are contraband the seasons change from hot to scalding and throwing your garbage in the wrong bin ranks as something close to a capital crime. No offense, but I see Los Angeles as nothing more than a big, fascist, one-story ghetto and those of you who love it are welcome to it.

Ouch-y.  I can only add:  nuts to you, LA.  You cost me the company of a good friend.  Safe home, mighty John.