L.A. Mayor to citizens of L.A. - Forget You!

As mayor of Los Angeles, Antionio Villarigosa gets to live in Getty House.  It is a historic building donated to the city of Los Angeles by the Getty Family, and sits in the Hancock Park area.  For those who don’t know Mayor Villaraigosa, as well as being a hard-core leftist progressive, he is also a member of La Raza (translation – The Race) a group that advocates for, among other things, open borders.


At his government paid for mansion, Mayor Villaraigosa recently made headlines when he requested that a six foot security fence be built on the perimeter of the house.  The purpose of the fence, according the Los Angeles Police Department, was based on a recommendation from Homeland Security, stating that Getty House was at high risk of a security breach.

The city of Hancock Park disagreed with this.  The building has historical significance, and the town felt a six foot structure would alter, according to the LA Times, “…the architectural integrity and beauty of the community, known for its historic, European revival mansions.”  In addition, a six foot fence was a violation of zoning rules in the town; rules that residents have to comply with.

This month, Los Angeles officials approved a variance for Mayor Villaraigosa and Getty House, allowing for the six foot fence to be built, along with additional shrubbery to make it look pretty.


To recap – The Mayor of Los Angeles, who belongs to a group that advocates for open borders, and who loudly opposed Arizona’s SB 1070 (a law built to protect the citizens from invasion,) just told the concerned citizens of Hancock Park to take their concerns about existing zoning laws and shove it – in the name of his protection.

Elitist? Hypocrite?  Both?  You decide.


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