Mogulite and the $100 million balance

Mogulite has a story up about a “mysterious” ATM receipt that shows a balance of just less than $100 million:

Jaws dropped yesterday when a dropped ATM receipt from an East Hampton Capital One Bank was discovered, showing a savings account with a balance of nearly $100 million. The first question, naturally, is who the heck is this person!? The second question was a bit more complex — why would someone keep $100 million in a savings account and what exactly are they planning to do with that money?

Well, the folks over at Dealbreaker got to the bottom of that first question pretty swiftly — or so we thought.

A tipster told them that the receipt belonged to none other than hedge fund manager David Tepper, and noted that someone overheard him saying that he “hadn’t used an ATM since Lehman.” Cute.


Sadly, I’m willing to bet that’s just a software error in the ATM code, and a pretty common one — a field overflows somewhere.

But what’s more interesting to me is: who the hell at Mogulite is spending his/her time digging through the trash at an ATM looking for interesting receipts?



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