Where's Brando? Consulting with Kerry on the Contras

Just to follow up on Roger’s post, actually, there really was a Brando/Kerry connection, if you believe Kerry. Back in 2004, the would-be presidential candidate told GQ that he and Brando used to talk foreign affairs:


Kerry tells Hainey that he had a telephone relationship with Marlon Brando in 1985 and 1986, during the contras: “He took a huge interest in it. And he would call me. He was always asking questions. And he’d give me advice. I took his advice on a couple of angles. A couple of points.”

As James Lileks wrote when this story broke in 2004, “If Reagan had consulted with Sylvester Stallone for advice in defeating the Soviets, this would be bedrock political lore. Gonzo called Rambo! Livin’ in a frickin’ dream world, man!”

Fortunately, no one can say that about Kerry himself. He has a hat. And he’s not afraid to wear it when he’s spending Christmas in Cambodia.

Shooting home movies.


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