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John Lennon, Cont'd.

If this story pans out, Owen, I predict it blossoms into a larger story than we might expect, and tangibly, it is.

The left — and this includes any form of leftism, from Islamism to Marxism — always has its “lightworkers” at the helm: those who the followers consider to be wiser, to have the firmest possible grasp of the movement pillars. This is necessary, because when you believe laws are made by men and not nature, you’ve got to find the men who sit above us all, and more importantly, you’ve got to believe these men exist.


The fascist, communist, totalitarian ’60s revolved around John Lennon’s perfect thoughts. Now, he was just a man. How could that be?

We still have a chance to accurately record the 60s for prosperity, which is not at all similar to the history as recorded by the wide-eyed who circled Lennon, which still dominates the culture.

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