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DREAM is more like a nightmare

Once again, the administration is using selective enforcement and bureaucracy to get what it can’t get via legislation. Fox News is reporting Janet Napolitano is basically saying DHS and ICE will not enforce the law:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano denied that the Obama administration is trying to unilaterally execute immigration policies contained in the stalled DREAM Act — but at the same time she said it “doesn’t make sense” to deport illegal immigrant students who would be covered by the proposal.

Her comments Tuesday on Capitol Hill suggest that even if the DREAM Act does not pass, federal immigration officials will not target illegal immigrants who would otherwise be given a reprieve under the bill.


I have no problem with illegals who then choose to serve in the military, and who are honorably discharged being given citizenship. If you love this country enough to fight for it, you deserve to be a citizen, and that’s certainly more than many who were born here are willing to do. But just because you’re going to college doesn’t mean you should be suddenly legal. What’s worse is the person who is supposed to be in charge of the safety of this nation, refusing to enforce its laws.

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