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Audio: Former Sen. Alan Simpson on the debt crisis talks

I’ve always liked Alan Simpson, the former Republican Senator from Wyoming. He has a way with words that few in politics can match, and he has the wisdom necessary to cut through bull and get to the heart of whatever matter he is discussing. And even while I don’t always agree with him, he’s a statesman, a rare thing in Washington these days.

Simpson, who co-chaired the president’s debt commission, appeared on America’s Radio News today with Chris Salcedo and Lori Lundin, where he showed that he has little patience for either party’s approach to the debt crisis. He aims much of his fire at the president who appointed him to the commission. It’s not the first time Simpson has called out the president. In the ARNN interview, Simpson even reserves some of the blame for the debt crisis on the way he and his colleagues did things when he was in the Senate.

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