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Obama still proudly pimping himself and Biden to raise campaign cash

Yesterday’s video apparently wasn’t quite distasteful enough, so Team O is pushing around yet another email (at least their third on the subject; I may have missed one) to sell raffle tickets to Dinner with Barack and Joe.

This just doesn’t happen
Friend —

The word is out that Joe Biden will be a special guest at our upcoming dinner with the President.

I hope you take a step back and think about how rare an opportunity this is.

Yes, you too could be called “articulate and bright and clean” by the VPOTUS. He could even challenge you to gird your loins. And if you’re not careful, he’s liable to blind you with his flashy teeth and swipe your dinner rolls.

In all the years I’ve worked for President Obama, I can think of only a handful of times when both he and the Vice President have sat down together for dinner with a small group. It just doesn’t happen — not often, anyway.

Next time it does, you could be there.

Donate $5 and be automatically entered for your chance to be at that dinner table…

Hm. I’d really love for some right winger to win this thing. That intimate conversation could be very interesting.

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