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McCullough: Five reasons why Rick Perry will be the next president

My friend Kevin McCullough, who back in 2006 was first to predict that Barack Obama would become president, says the next POTUS will be Perry. He lists five reasons:


1. Perry Has Created More Jobs Than Obama
Provided you don’t count czars…
2. Perry Respects the Importance of Small Business
3. Perry Understands the Issue of State Sovereignty
4. Perry Has Core Convictions
To be fair, Obama has core convictions too. Just, Obama’s are all wrong. Perry’s aren’t.
5. He Appeals to All Three Categories of Conservatives
Kevin goes on in each section to detail and defend each point, and it’s worth your time to take a look. There’s something else about Perry that commends him as a candidate. He has a certain…way with words, especially when dealing with the press.




If that becomes even an unofficial campaign sticker (so far, it’s just a found object on facebook thanks to another friend of mine) it will be the first campaign sticker to adorn a car that I drive.

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