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The Weiner falls

I’m watching Fox’s coverage of Anthony Weiner’s press conference, which amounts to a political pre-game show. Alan Colmes once again defends Weiner and said it’s a shame he’s having to resign.

Colmes still doesn’t get that in at least two cases, Weiner tweeted wild with women who did not reciprocate. And in one case, Weiner got perilously close to crossing the line of age. Weiner’s behavior overall made him vulnerable to blackmail, making him a potential security threat. And Colmes still apparently doesn’t get that once the scandal broke, Weiner lied about its origins, lied multiple times in press interviews, and his allies took his cues to try destroying Andrew Breitbart. Weiner systematically destroyed his own credibility. And in using official resources for his personal activities, he may have crossed the ethics lines as well (apart from the ethics of dirty tweeting itself, obviously).

I’m sure I’ll have more once the press event is done.

More: Well, that was surreal. Weiner got seriously and noisily heckled, and delivered what was essentially an “I’ll be back” speech. And…he thanked his mother for teaching him “the values that got me this far.” These circumstances were probably not the best time to mention values.

Last thought: I didn’t hear any contrition in the speech. It was all about future political viability. The man is a sociopath.