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Quote of the day (so far)

Rep. Anthony Weiner is supposed to give a press conference today at 2 Eastern, to announce his resignation from the House. Why the man feels the need to give another press conference is beyond me, but it will be must-watch TV.

The quote of the day (so far), though, comes from Kirsten Powers, the columnist and Fox analyst who once briefly dated Weiner. Kirsten summed things up pretty well on Fox today:

Women ought to be able to communicate with their Congressman and not have him talk about his “package.”

Yeah, I’d say she’s right about that.

Someone go tell liberal Alan Colmes. He was on Fox before Kirsten was, and lamented the fall of the house of Weiner. Someone might want to tell Colmes that when you’ve creeped out a porn star, tweeted yourself unsolicited to women coast to coast, and sent off the flare of crossing a line with an underage girl, you need help, and you need to have whatever power is in your hands, taken out of them.

That Alan Colmes doesn’t get this, says quite a bit about Alan Colmes.

Update: Well, who knew that Alan Colmes checks in here at the Tatler. And yes, if after all the behavior and the campaign of lies and smears you don’t think Weiner should have resigned, you really don’t get it. Not that anyone is surprised by that.