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Obama's next dumb idea: Let's train 10,000 new engineers

Question: Who will employ them?

President Barack Obama is announcing details of a program to train 10,000 new American engineers every year.

Seeking ways to brighten a bleak employment picture, Obama traveled to Durham, N.C., on Monday to hear job-creation ideas from the corporate leaders who sit on his jobs council. One idea he emerged to announce was the engineering training program. …

Under the program, Obama says private companies will join the government to promote education in science, technology, engineering and math. They’ll offer incentives to students to finish their degrees and help universities pay for their engineering programs.

This is a bit mind boggling for a few reasons. One, Obama’s DoE has been busily attacking for-profit universities via the “Gainful Employment” rule. Why not just knock that off, and some engineers will end up getting educated without creating some grand engineer army of the republic. Two, government policies — taxation and mandates — keep pushing employment out of this country and into more hospitable locales. How about we scale back on corporate tax rates and just make it easier to start and run businesses here?

Why don’t we just stop getting creative and get government out of the way? Liberal geniuses like Obama just aren’t smart enough to think of that.