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Ads praising TX Gov. Rick Perry now running in New Hampshire

It’s the not yet candidate who is not there at the debate, who is generating buzz in the Granite State.

An advocacy group which employs Gov. Rick Perry’s political consultant is running Internet ads in New Hampshire touting the importance of tort reform in the next presidential campaign, citing Perry’s recent passage of “loser-pays” legislation and Texas’ strong job record. …

Politico reported this morning that Americans for Job Security, which employs Perry adviser Dave Carney, bought Internet ads with a link to a petition urging candidates to make tort reform a top issue in the presidential campaign. The petition credits Perry’s tort reform effort for Texas’ strong economic climate.

“Texas is leading the nation in job creation because of its pro-growth economic policies,” the petition states. “In the last two years, Texas, led by Gov. Rick Perry, has created more jobs than any other state. Recently, Texas became the first state in the country to enact “loser-pays” tort reform, which reduces frivolous lawsuits and litigation costs, and allows for more expedient justice for legitimate claims which protects small businesses and consumers.”