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Weiner admits five 'harmless' private messages with teen

The NYT reports a bit more about Friday’s police visit in Delaware.

A member of the girl’s family who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect her identity characterized the messages as “harmless” but expressed concern that Mr. Weiner had communicated privately with the teenager, a high school junior.

The family was aware that there had been exchanges between Mr. Weiner and the girl but assumed that all of their conversations had taken place on a public Twitter feed. Then a scandal erupted last month over a photo Mr. Weiner sent of himself in his underwear to a college student.

Knowing what we already know about Weiner’s proclivities, even if the direct messages to the 17-year-old were harmless in content, this is highly inappropriate behavior for an adult and a Congressman to engage in. Adults just don’t do this sort of things with other people’s children, or at least, adults who know where the lines are don’t do this sort of thing. They don’t communicate privately with other people’s kids, behind the parents’ backs. But Weiner did.