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Holder Justice Department: not important for firefighters to write

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has this blockbuster story based on hard work fighting the Justice Department over public documents.   DOJ tried to hide documents arising out of a lawsuit against Dayton (OH) relating to race discrimination involving firefighters.  Likewise, Pajamas Media had to sue DOJ over the resumes of Civil Rights Division attorneys hired since January 20, 2009.  Eventually portions of resumes were turned over (more on them later). 

Fitton quoting Justice Department lawyer Barbara Thawley:

The DOJ also objected to the use of a written test in general for firefighter applicants.  “With regard to the writing portion for firefighter, it seems unusual to me.  I have never seen a fire department give a writing test to entry level firefighter applicants.  From what I know about the job, it seems very unlikely that an entry level firefighter would have to do much writing,” wrote Ms. Thawley.