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Weiner poll: plurality of New Yorkers want him to leave office

Allahpundit has the goods:

More males than females want him gone. Interesting. If memory serves me correctly, the gender breakdown during Clinton’s big scandal was similar. Also interesting.

Allah muses on how Weiner might survive:

Anecdotal evidence collected from his constituents suggests they’re ready to forgive and forget (“I think he did the right thing, I kind of respected it at the end”), but Philip Klein notes that Weiner’s district is actually more Republican than New York City is generally. Let me add a caveat, then, to what I said last night about him surviving this scandal if he plays his cards right. Caveat: He can survive it unless he turns out to have lied at the press conference too. The public can, I think, tolerate near-pathological lying by a politician if he comes clean later and seems genuinely contrite, but if he’s caught lying during his alleged act of contrition, though? Too much, too much.

I blogged this question shortly after the press conference; Weiner did lie in the press conference, and concerning his official conduct, when he said that he had not used government resources in his online pursuits. Yes, he did, say two of the women. And in the proposed Vegas meeting, he suggested a strategy of campaigning by day (this took place while he was getting re-elected last year) and hooking up by night. That’s at least a suggestion that he has met some of these women; if he turns out to have done so, that’s lie #2 — from the press conference itself.