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Weinergate exposes the X-rated and willingly disreputable face of liberalism

It was obvious from the outset of Weinergate that Anthony Weiner had something to hide, because of his own conduct. He acted very guilty. It was also obvious that the media and the blogs on the left would help him hide whatever he was intent on hiding. He looked guilty to me from the outset, and after putting this timeline together his guilt was even more evident. Once he lawyered up and his story started changing from “hacked” to “prank,” the obvious became inevitable. But only when ABC reported about the same woman that Breitbart had already reported about, was Weiner finally forced to confess — but not give up any power.

Before the confession, he trotted his staff out to lie for him. They did, unknowingly. But now they know that he lied to them, and that in turn they lied for him to the press and the American people. And they lied on the taxpayer’s dime. If they have any honor, Weiner’s staff will resign. So…don’t expect any resignations.

Within days of the tweet, many Democrats circled the wagons around him. They didn’t bother themselves to examine the facts, they just defended Weiner because he is a Democrat. Rep. Louise Slaughter, in particular, said definitively that she knew the man in the photo was not Weiner. Her certitude raised eyebrows at the time. It might be worth revisiting.

Weiner claimed to be the victim. The lefty blogs defended him and smeared Breitbart and other conservatives, concocting inane theories to explain it all away. When those theories fell apart, they came up with new ones. They have now been proven to be nothing but suckers or shills who defended a man purely because he is a Democrat. And if Weiner himself had not confessed, there is no reason to think that many on the left would not have just continued to shill for him. Chris Matthews is still making excuses for the guy. Cannonfire, the blog that did the most actual legwork to defend the “hacking” lie, is still shilling for Weiner. Weiner has played them all for fools but they’re still standing by him. Why? Why surrender your credibility for someone so undeserving, and who won’t even notice enough to thank you? I don’t get it.

But those of us who have been vindicated by all this shouldn’t kid ourselves: A party that includes Rep. Charlie Rangel, that includes tax cheats in the administration, that has one member of Congress who was impeached from his federal judgeship for bribery, that lied about racial epithets at the passing of ObamaCare, doesn’t believe in ethics and will not force Weiner out over this. This episode, has has been said before, is a resume enhancement for a Democrat. Bill Clinton lied to the American people for a solid year about his affair with an intern and created strife that’s still with us more than a decade later, and Democrats still love him. If anything, they love him more. And in part, they love him for getting away with it.

Weiner may never be mayor of New York, but I wouldn’t count him out. Pelosi is calling for an investigation, but so what? They investigated Rangel too, but he’s still on power, and Pelosi herself wanted to put Alcee Hastings, the impeached federal judge, atop the House Intelligence Committee. She is calling for an investigation now not to get at the truth — she and other Democrats have shown no interest in that — but to help her party get around the problem. If you think I’m being too partisan, here’s evidence that I’m not.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) agreed that an ethics panel must review the situation in order to “remove all remaining doubt about this situation.” “Ultimately, Anthony and his constituents will make a judgment about his future,” Israel said in a statement.

“…remove all remaining doubt.” Not “find the facts wherever they may lead.” Democratic party members and voters pretty clearly don’t mind being lied to, they don’t mind lying for their allies, and they have no standards of conduct for their elected officials. Some of them may end up saying that all this just shows how well Anthony Weiner really understands social networking. He’s a man for our times!

Liberals often slam conservatives, and particularly conservative women, by calling them “Stepford Wives,” meaning they robotically and mindlessly support Republicans. That has always been an unfair slam, but in Weinergate the liberals have shown again they are the Tammy Wynettes of politics, standing by their man no matter what their man does, and no matter how little he deserves their support, no matter how disreputable a sort he turns out to be.