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Mexico: Stop smuggling used American clothes across border!

Mexican police have begun shutting down used clothing bazaars and confiscating the clothes. Much of this “contraband” originates in warehouses on the American side of the border, and is then smuggled across by “sellers that bribe officials.”

The Mexican textile industry used to be the top U.S. clothing supplier, but has lost market share to China in recent years. Instead of using free-market dynamics, the government illegalized used clothing. “Officials are now going after clothing vendors that they say circumvent tax laws and erode the country’s bottom line.”

So it’s about protecting rich Blanco industrialists (examples here and here) and government bureaucrats (examples here and here).

Meanwhile, Mexico appears to have no problem with illegal immigration coming our way.

In other news, a police chief and two of his commanding officers were arrested in a state police action against the drug cartels. Apparently, these cops were aiding the Zetas.

Wonder if the Zetas were wearing used clothing?