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Great news: Unions have a legal right to masquerade as giant rats

Or, display giant inflatable rats to pester businesses. Whatever.

Federal regulators say union activists have the legal right to display giant inflatable rats outside companies during labor disputes.

The National Labor Relations Board says putting up a 16-foot-tall rat balloon is allowed even if the business is not directly involved in the conflict between the union and another employer.

Wait doggone minute. You mean the National Labor Relations Board, a board that includes the recess appointed union lawyer Craig Becker and is currently waging an unprecedented attack on Boeing, agrees with the unions?  I’m shocked.

Unaddressed is the way the unions actually use their giant rats (the inflatable ones, not the union bosses): As big giant lies.

Eventually, if the public sees enough of these giant, inflatable rats, the public will mentally associate said rats with the unions that use them. Which is fine, actually.