The PJ Tatler

Wonkette blogger who made fun of Trig Palin quits

To pursue stand up comedy, apparently (the link goes to Big Journalism, not Wonkette):

At times, especially when I’m tired and have to somehow hit eight posts when there’s no real news happening, I’ve broken some of my own. I don’t like to make easy jokes. But I have. Kind of often. A few times I’ve made fun of people who really didn’t deserve it, and when it was pointed out to me, I apologized. This sort of thing happens, even when you make a point of trying to stay true to yourself as much as you can, because you’re human.

The blogosphere won’t miss him. Unfortunately, there will be another come along with twice the self-righteous anger and about half the wit. And either Wonkette or Gawker will hire them.