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My Mamet review—a personal note

Several people have asked me why I didn’t mention my own book in my review of The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture, since Mamet and I both write of our left-right migrations. Being (semi)-professional, I thought it was inappropriate. And I understand David Swindle at FrontPage will be doing an overall review of my book, Mamet’s, Ben Shapiro’s and Andrew Breitbart’s as some kind of “Hollywood Revolt.”

Nevertheless, one of the great pleasures of Mamet’s book was discovering that we read many of the same people on our roads. One of those he frequently quotes who escaped me is Nevil Shute (except for On the Beach, naturally). I will try to catch up. I should also say that when I first read of Mamet’s migration my initial reaction was relief. Thank God, I’m not alone. (I really wasn’t, of course, but sometimes I felt that way.) Now that I have been an apostate for a number of years, it’s not such a big deal. Some of my old friends even still talk to me.